ISO/TS Certified

PRISM is committed to complete customer satisfaction through the use of world-class processes and quality control procedures. Each of PRISM's facilities are TS Certified.


An experienced leader in scientific molding; our automated, closed-loop manufacturing cells allow us to achieve precise and repeatable tolerances on critical use functional moldings.


Our state-of-the-art closed loop automated manufacturing cells are capable of adhering to precise tolerances yielding repeatable, high-volume production components, at a competitive cost.

Tool Building

Through the use of our mold build standards, we deploy the latest technologies in tooling design and building including runner optimization technology, cavity balancing, valve gating, conformal cooling, and mold flow analysis.

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"PRISM Plastics is bringing back manufacturing through technology"

“We compete with low-cost countries because of our approach to technology, lean operations and designing in quality throughout the process.” Read More