Primary Responsiblities

Oversee/manage your specific shifts operations.

Assure plant floor is operating at peak productivity, as exhibited by:

  • A safe, clean, and accident free environment.
  • Thorough and quick mold changes.
  • Successful startup, bucket length and shutdown quality
  • Maximize the shifts GPPH (good parts per hour) output
  • Assure thorough parting line cleanings are performed at least once per shift, more depending on the specific product.
  • Assure product quality through the use of machine process limits, machine auto reject alarms, and part inspection to the control plan. This is accomplished through the use of: strict adherence to the first and last shot check sheet; control plan checks, with quality reporting via Attribute or variable data systems; and established limits and guidelines for approved process – process monitoring.
  • Participation in both the Manufacturing Team Meetings and the monthly Quality Operating System meetings, as well as communicating metrics and their impact on them to your direct reports.
  • Successful shift hand-off to your customer (the next shift), by: assuring raw materials (resin, components and packaging) are in place for a minimum of four hours into the next shift; assuring the floor is clean and organized at shift hand-off; and staying until which time the above items are covered, and/or the next shift (your customer) approves your departure.
  • Complete employee evaluations for subordinates
  • Establish, maintain, and evaluate effectiveness of authored work instructions.
  • Look for ways to continuously improve all areas related to manufacturing.

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