Controlling quality through embedded quality processes

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PRISM Plastics boasts a defective PPM rate of less than one—which is practically unheard of in a manufacturing setting, especially considering that we manufacture and ship nearly half a billion parts a year. This is accomplished in large part through our efforts effectively embedding quality controls into every step of the manufacturing process. This unique approach essentially places the onus of delivering high-quality products on the shoulders of every single one of our employees. And, as you can see from our relatively low defective PPM rate, it’s a model that works and one that we are proud to leverage to ensure we are delivering the best products possible for our clients. Rod Bricker, president of PRISM Plastics, recently published an article in Manufacturing Engineering providing insight into our unique approach to best-in-class quality, and how it translates to better products and service for our customers. To read the article, click here.

Keys to Success: Leveraging automation to enhance ability to compete on a global scale

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PRISM Plastics owes much of its success and growth to leveraging automation and cutting-edge technologies—a value proposition that ultimately fosters job creation in the U.S. These tools help PRISM compete on a global scale, oftentimes with overseas competitors that can offer far cheaper labor rates—which is an appealing proposition for cost-conscious organizations. Automation and technology allow PRISM to operate at a lean level, in turn leading to more projects won and, subsequently, more U.S.-based jobs created to handle the increased workload. A lean operating model and a reliance on advanced technology tools and automation are cornerstones of The PRISM Way—a philosophy that enhances the value proposition for our clients. In fact, in many cases we ship parts directly into low cost regions, such as China, where clients could easily purchase the parts for cheaper, but not at the quality levels and overall value proposition that PRISM provides. Read More

Giving Back: PRISM Plastics raises more than $30,000 for St. John Providence Hospital

PRISM Plastics recently partnered with The River Outreach Ministry’s “Streams of Hope” Outreach Program for a two-week donation drive to help collect supplies for homeless individuals in the Port Huron, Mich. area. Donation boxes were set up at each of the company’s three facilities in Chesterfield Township and Port Huron, Mich., and Harlingen, Texas. Over the two-week period, employees and individuals in the community were encouraged to drop off supplies, including hats, gloves, socks, scarves, hand warmers, bottled water, Band-Aids, lotion, lip balm, baby wipes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, to benefit those in need. The collection drive culminated in raising a total value of $1,971 in donations, with PRISM matching all funds donated by employees up to $500.

PRISM Plastics River Outreach Ministry’s “Streams of Hope” Outreach Program