PRISM Named a “Processor of the Year” Finalist

PRISM Processor of the Year

PRISM Plastics has been named one of four finalists for the Plastics News 2014 Processor of the Year Award. The winner will be announced Feb. 5 as part of the Plastics News Executive Forum event in Las Vegas. PRISM was recognized for its superior quality, excellent revenue growth and laser focus on its mandate to produce high volume, tight tolerance parts. “This award recognizes the top custom and captive molders from across the country, and the team at PRISM is thrilled to be a part of this elite group,” says PRISM Vice President Gerry Phillips. “It’s a testament to our unique approach—The PRISM Way—and the extra effort our employees put in every day to meet exacting standards for our customers.” Plastics News praised PRISM in its coverage of the nominees: “The super-automated plants have extremely low defective parts per million—even on technically demanding parts on presses running molds with up to 32 cavities. That’s a big reason the judges gave PRISM high marks for quality. Another specialty, optimizing the size of runners, reduces customer costs.”

Keys to Success: Mold cooling technology leads to faster production

At PRISM, we continually push the boundaries of what our Toshiba injection molding presses can do to create the most possible good parts per hour for our customers. In some cases, though, it’s not the presses themselves, but the nature of the materials that gives us the greatest challenge. For many of our more intricate multi-cavity parts, the deep grooves make it more difficult to speed up production, as we have to wait for areas deep within the mold to cool and shrink. To address this issue, PRISM has begun to use Mold Max technology, which utilizes a metal mold with an extremely high heat transfer rate. This way, we can pump water through and reduce the time needed for parts to cool. In one automotive part, we were able to drop the cycle time by 25% based on the cooling technology while ensuring the part would be produced the right way every time. This innovative approach is at the heart of the PRISM Way.

Giving Back: PRISM’s Team Donates $2,000 to Help Six Local Families Enjoy the Holidays

For the 5th year, PRISM Plastics and its employees supported local families in need with food and gifts this holiday season. Its team connected with local schools to select three deserving families from Marysville, Michigan, and three from New Haven, Michigan, (near the Port Huron and Chesterfield facilities) and supplied complete holiday meals to each. Led by Shelly Patton, PRISM and its team members contributed $2,000-worth of items, nearly doubling last year’s donation. “As we’ve continued to grow as a company, we’re able to give even more back to the children and families that need it most in our community,” says PRISM Vice President Gerry Phillips. “Each year, this program helps us all remember that we can make a difference.” PRISM’s donations include a large turkey, a pan in which to cook it and a wide variety of other food items, both for the holiday meal and to help stock their pantries well into 2015. Team members also provided a unique gift for each child in the six families.

PRISM Plastics Thanksgiving donations